COVID-19 Documents – 20/7/20

Please note, the documentation that has been created along with the measures put in place are based on the latest FA COVID-19 guidance (18th July 2020). We will actively monitor all updates from the FA and revise our documents to factor in any new changes however please wait for the club to advise when any changes come into effect for your teams as the club will need to review the guidance in the first instance and relay what they mean for a club of our size.  

Documents attached:  

What’s are the key changes to the updated guidance (18/7/20)?

  • All club documents (risk assessments and ‘guidance’ documents) are to be shared with parents as they will need to review them to determine whether they are comfortable with our approach.
  • Consent Forms are to be completed by the parent/carer for each player returning to footballing activity with the club to confirm they are comfortable with our arrangements. Coaches will now need to return the completed consent forms to the COVID-19 Officer where they will be held centrally. The move to hold them at club level is due to the recent changes that heightened risk.
  • Parents/Carers are to self assess the child (and themselves) for COVID-19 symptoms (using the ‘COVID-19 Symptoms Checklist’) and advise the coach before attending any session.
  • The coach is to take a register for each session and send this (text/email) to the COVID-19 Officer as information has to be retained for at least 21 days to support ‘NHS test and trace’.
  • Asad Asif (Vice Chair) will act as the Club’s COVID-19 Officer to monitor and update any changes to procedures.
  • We will adopt the FA’s proposal of increasing training group sizes to 30 (including coaches/volunteers).
  • Full contact practices are permitted during sessions however the amount of time players are in close proximity is to be ‘managed’.
  • Players are to adhere to social distancing protocols before and after the session as well as during breaks.
  • Parents/carers will remain as the first point of call should their child need first aid treatment.
  • Spectators are to be in groups of no more than 6 and spread out.
  • Players must not spit (younger children ‘blowing raspberries’) or rinse their mouths out during the session. They should also avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other.
  • Our sheds and storage facilities at each site will remain locked and not accessible during sessions.
  • We will not be hosting any matches until the 3rd week of August at the earliest due to pitch availability and markings.
  • Should you play a friendly match from August, the coach must review the COVID-19 measures put in place by the other club/team as the responsibility will fall on the coach to determine whether they are appropriate.

Return to Training (w/c 20th July)

Following a number of pilot sessions and all our documentation updated to reflect the latest guidance, we are happy for our teams to return to training should they wish to.

The return to training may be the first opportunity some players will have had to be part of a bigger group or return to some form of routine, as a result there will be more focus on 3 (psychological, physical and social) of the 4 corners of development that they are likely going to need help adjusting to over the next few months following a long period of lockdown.

Although full contact is permitted during training practices, please consider that this has be managed and social distancing measure have to be followed during breaks (as well as before and after). There are lots of positives in delivering practices that have social distancing factored in (increased individual time with a football/fitness management) so please keep this in mind when planning your sessions.

Please note that before a player returns, the parent/carer will need to review our revised documentation as well as the FA’s guidance and return a completed consent form for the club to keep a record of. Coaches will also need to send a list of all players than have attended the session to the club as this information will need to be retained to support ‘NHS test and trace’.

Finally, please remember the return to training is voluntary for all members, which includes our coaches and volunteers. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss any matters, please feel free to get in contact.