01-Oct with Winslow United

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“lives in a pineapple under the sea” sang the subs in Q2 – were they distracted, bored or giddy? The Whirlwinds were encouraged to use their skills and try to play forwards. They tried both at every opportunity, so well done whatever the score.

Q1: good team passing moves from defence into attack.
Q2: lots of good dribbling runs and loads of shots.
Q3: an excellent attack involving four players.
Q4: long-distance shooting and non-stop attack.


* Jack – stepover skills before a forward pass to Thomas in Q4, one of many attempts to set up his teammates.
* Agastya – stepover skill in Q1, one of many dribbles from defence.
* Finley – trying out lots of skills, the best was a hop to the right to shoot just wide in Q1.
* Lewis – dribbling with the ball close to his feet to set up another scoring chance in Q1.
* Alexander – a perfect forward through-ball to set up Lewis in Q3.
* Maxwell – stepover skills in Q4, waiting for the defender to make his move before passing forward to Jack.
* Jake – fantastic starfish shape for the ‘ready’ position in goal each time Winslow came into our half in Q4.
* Noah – protecting the ball with his studs for a sole-over skill in Q4.
* Thomas – a beautiful first-time pass across the pitch to Finley in Q3.

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