Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 04-Jan with City Colts Panthers

04-Jan with City Colts Panthers

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Another end-to-end match with lots of goals and some good passing moves from both teams. This was maybe the best team Whirlwinds had played against so far and it was close all the way, both teams being ahead at different times in the game.

The pre-match warm-up had the boys split in 3 groups calling themselves carrots, mushy peas and pieces of cheese.

Q1: Good forward passing
Q2: Special Colts goals
Q3: Agastya clean sheet!
Q4: Colts attacking with power.


*Agastya (mushy pea) – scrambled low to make yet another save. 2 quarters in goal after a fever in midweek.
*Alexander (carrot) – helped o-rrange the defending positions for a Colts corner.
*Finley (carrot) – played in defence, midfield and attack for 3 of his 5-a-day.
*Jack (cheese) – came on 4 times to help the team. Couldn’t Camem-bear to sit on the bench any longer.
*Jake (cheese) – covering the defence after Noah went on a forward run. Brie-lliant teamwork.
*Lewis (cheese) – a dragback and turn with the outside of the right foot past the defender. Had the defender on toast.
*Maxwell (mushy pea) – broke free of the defence and dashed forward to shoot at goal. An attacking esca-pea.
*Noah (cheese) – released the forward pass quickly to his teammates. You can’t do Feta than that.
*Thomas (carrot) – stayed patient on the counter attack, turning inside to ‘roast’ the defender before passing forward.

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