Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 05-Nov with Olney Panthers

05-Nov with Olney Panthers

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Less than ideal preparation this week, with parking nightmares and some players on a pre-match-muffin diet. When the game began, it was feisty. Some strong tackling from Whirlwinds and non-stop competing from Olney. The Whirlwinds took a little while to adapt to the small pitch, but in the end showed some good dribbling and passing attacks.

Q1: record breaker for most throw-ins in a quarter.
Q2: excellent defending and counter attacking.
Q3: Whirlwinds on top to make a comeback.
Q4: some good passing moves.


* Agastya- a strong and fair sliding tackle to rescue the team in Q1.
* Alexander – away – Saturday highlight was probably a nice plate of spaghetti. Hurry back Boss!
* Finley – away sick – Saturday highlight was probably having a whole day in bed. Get well soon mister – we missed ya.
* Jack – a half-volley from Maxwell’s throw-in that almost flew in the top corner. “Phewee”, their keeper probably said.
* Jake – kept chasing a ball that every other player thought had gone out, before dribbling into the box and having a good shot saved. Also set up our first goal – nice one!
* Lewis – really soft hands to scoop up a powerful shot safely. Also very enthusiastic for a first game in defence for a while.
* Maxwell – dribbling past a defender before scooping a good shot just wide with the outside of the foot. Stylish!
* Noah – a dragback to turn and burn rubber into attack – those Olney defenders did a great job not ginving him space to shoot.
* Thomas – competing really well to get his body between the defender and the ball, protecting possession very well.

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