06-May with CMK Reds

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The last league game of the season and another end-to-end match to enjoy. The Reds made a very impressive comeback after the Whirlwinds had been on top and played with good teamwork. Off the pitch, calm was restored after the re-discovery of the goal keys… only for them to be misplaced again…and then found again…phew, thank heavens for the spare. The dramatic adventures of Mini Soccer.

Q1: great power in the tackles and dribbles
Q2: close – a very steady performance with good teamwork
Q3: excellent goals from CMK
Q4: CMK completed the comeback.


*Lewis – burgling the ball from CMK to dash forward and shoot accurately.
*Agastya – an ultra-calm first time pass under pressure to his teammate.
*Alexander – rushing back to help his defender.
*Jack – an explosive dribble through two midfielders to set up an attacking run.
*Finley – a fake to pass back before tricking the defender and dribbling to goal.
*Thomas – fantastic first touch from a throw to take the ball into the attack.
*Jake – a back-heel block tackle you don’t see many of those!
*Maxwell – a controlled volley pass to Thomas after a high goalkeeper kick.
*Noah – a free kick from outside the box that rocketed at goal.

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