Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 08-Apr with U8 Hurricanes

08-Apr with U8 Hurricanes

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8th Apr 2017 - 10:00

Bright sunshine and the perfect pitch – “where would you rather be?” – “at the park” came one reply – can’t please them all.

This friendly saw the Whirlwinds rematch with the U8 Hurricanes. A good challenge against a much bigger team and the boys played with strength and skill.

Q1: a clean sheet with some great rescue tackles
Q2: an unstoppable Hurricanes goal
Q3: lots of shots from both teams
Q4: non stop attack by the Whirlwinds


*Agastya – played very very well in attack, but the highlight has to be the one-handed save that pushed a power shot over the bar to safety (hands made of steel!)
*Jake – stopping an attack and then dribbling forward to play a lovely through ball… and then did the same again and again!
*Lewis – a brave sliding diving blocking save when a Hurricane breezed into the area.
*Noah – a soleover skill at full speed in the first quarter. Blink and you wouldn’t have seen it, but it was exquisite.
*Maxwell – a dragback skill in a crowded midfield to then dribble forward and pass through to Agastya.
*Finley – facing a giant attacker as the last defender and standing his ground before a solid block tackle.
*Jack – picking up a loose ball to strike low into the bottom corner.
*Thomas – a one-two straight from the kick off followed by another powerful 20-yard strike that needed a good save.
*Alexander – seeing Spurs destroy Watford.
*Referee – generous use of the stopwatch.

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