09-Sep with AFC Oakley

0 0

A close match with lots of shots and excellent visitors in AFC Oakley’s first league match. The best ove of the match was a 1-2 passing attack between Lewis and Jack, leading to an easy goal from our kick-off. Passing is the way forward!


*Lewis – diving save in Q1 and a curling corner hitting the post.
*Thomas – great driven strike to put Whirlwinds in the lead.
*Jack – amazing half-volley cross into the box.
*Finley – so solid making repeated blocks at the back.
*Jake – 3 superbly-timed sliding tackles preventing shots.
*Agastya – flying save to stop a sure goal.
*Maxwell – battling midfield with good bursts forward.
*Alexander – excellent work as the last defender and a charge that just passed the post.

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