Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 12-Nov with Silverstone Blues

12-Nov with Silverstone Blues

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The team prepared for today’s match with their smart poppies and a minute’s silence for remembrance. Both teams played the game in a good spirit and the Whirlwinds certainly showed off the running-with-the-ball skills they’d been practising. A special mention too for today’s debutante referee, Nick, decisive of mind and confident in the blowing of whistles – good game Sir!

Q1: individual runs and solo goals
Q2: good mix of runs and passes
Q3: very nice passing moves
Q4: fantastic long shots.


* Agastya – a wonderful first-time forward pass to set up Alexander with a chance to score in Q3. Also, a “how did you miss that?” piece of encouragement in Q1. Mr Motivator!
* Alexander – in attack on his return from Italy, had plenty of arrivederci-it’s-one-on-ones, including a speedy run before smashing a shot at the top corner in Q1.
* Finley – a confident first-time shot hit low and hard towards the bottom corner. Also, trying to play both quarters with his raincoat on. Mr Forgetful!
* Jake – several excellent first-time passes to his attacker team-mates and an expert side-foot shot in Q2 after Jack’s shot hit the post.
* Jack – a power shot from outside the area in Q4 that I think, I think, may have smashed the goal-post. Send for repairs! Celebrated with a simple walk back to the half-way line.
* Lewis – burning rubber through the Silverstone team like Lewis Hamilton on the tracks, before swinging a high shot just wide of goal in Q4.
* Maxwell – getting into excellent attacking positions and shooting very calmly to score for the second week running.
* Noah – remembering to set up his teammate with a sideways left foot pass in Q3. Also, patiently concentrating in goal for Q4.
* Thomas – away sick, so highlight was probably holding down his breakfast. Get well soon buddy!

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