12. Tattenhoe Tigers

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The pre-match warm-up was dominated by the mysterious absence of Agastya. Alexander, 7, reported the scene: “he fell down the toilet yesterday and then he ended up in the sewers where he bumped into someone’s wee”. Some onlookers remained uncovinced until Thomas, 7, backed up the claims, adding: “Yes, it happened. And then he fainted”.

The Whirlwinds gang agreed to skip the match and search the sewers for their buddy, but even with the rain pouring down, they went ahead with the match. Afterwards, one unnamed source (let’s call him L) showed he was not convinced by the claims, telling his mum (let’s call her Stacey): “It didn’t really happen”. Supporters will have to wait until Tuesday’s practice to find out if Agastya escaped the sewer.

Oh, and then there was a football match. Sticky goalmouths led to some even stickier pants – and that was just the coaches! The game swung from end-to-end with 12 goals in all and a last-minute winner. It was a crazy crazy game, but the Whirlwinds came out on top with some excellent build-up passing moves and lots of sweet through balls. Highlights:

*Thomas – saved a certain goal. Saved with his hands and then as the Tigers went to shoot, he tackled hard to clear the ball from the goal line.
*Maxwell – really tidy and calm passes under pressure, moving the ball onto his midfield teammates and setting up lots of attacks.
*Noah – a defence-splitting pass to set up Alexander after 10.5 seconds – just like Spurs in midweek.
*Lewis – set up 4 goals. 4! Showed he can pass this week just as well as he dribbled and shot last week.
*Alex – like watching Harry Kane. Protect the last-minute lead? No, ta. Plonked himself 2 metres from goal to receive the cross and power past the keeper for the hat-trick goal.
*Finley – tackled the Tigers like a lion, timing his tackles perfectly and stopping so many attacks in Q4 on his own.
*Jack – after a few weeks of shooting from distance, tried shots closer to goal and tucked two into the corners. Very tidy.
*Jake – oh boy! Played a B.E.A.utiful first-time pass to set up Noah before then scoring in the last minute with a two-touch finish into the bottom corner. You couldn’t save that with 2 keepers!
*Mr Rain – played a blinder, gushing down to soak players and supporters for the whole match. Well played Mr Rain.

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