11. Sharnbrook

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A decent Sharnbrook team came to visit for a high quality game with some good passing moves and goals for both teams. The Whirlwinds played very well and remembered the missing Maxwell and Jake after the match. Highlights:

*Thomas – best save of the match, pushing a power shot onto the bar and then scrambling the ball to safety. On pitch, a solid double-tackle to then set up Alexander.
*Alexander – trusted the quality of his left foot to plonk a dangerous cross into the box.
*Agastya – strong shielding by the sideline, keeping the ball in possession for the team. Also, a tasty scoop through ball.
*Lewis – poked the ball to the opponent’s left and ran around him to the right – Pele-esque. Also, an attempted triple-Maradona combo in the corner.
*Jack – brilliant running back to help the defence and burgle the ball just as the attacker was getting ready to shoot.
*Finley – calmly passing forward into midfield. One-touch pass? Nailed it. Two-touch pass? Perfect. So simple but so perfect.
*Noah – picking himself up after a foul and lifting a meat shot above the keeper’s fish-like leap. Top corner = top banana!

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