15-Oct with AFC Dunstable

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“A game of four quarters” as the cliché goes (sort of). Another game with lots of goals, with the Whirlwinds showing off the dribbling and turning skills they’ve been practising. Some of the best things this week were not even with the ball – midfielders coming back to cover when our defenders dribbled forward – that’s U10 stuff!

Q1: a close one with very little space – a chance to practice our ‘great escapes’
Q2: lots of speedy counter attacks and fantastic saves from Dunstable’s keeper
Q3: almost the full quarter in Dunstable’s half with plenty of close-control dribbling
Q4: another close one with good teamwork.


* Lewis – combining speed with close control on a dribble down the left, setting up a chance for Alexander in Q2. Oh, and a penalty save in Q1!
* Agastya – take your pick from three squillion great escapes, protecting the ball when turning defence into attack.
* Noah – a quick FORWARD throw-in that set up Thomas for a shot in Q4.
* Maxwell – a skilful and strong run that took the ball from our half all the way to Dunstable’s area.
* Jake – soldiering on in Q1 after a clash of heads in the warm-up.
* Alexander – organising his teammates’ positions 1 millisecond into his arrival as a sub in Q4.
* Thomas – a neat-and-tidy turn to take the ball past their midfielders in Q3.
* Finley – covering Jack in defence. Smart thinking, putting him in the perfect position to block a shot in Q2.
* Jack – starting an attacking move in Q2, a 1-2 with Finley before lobbing a pass over the defence for Lewis. Also, giving Lewis the chance to take a penalty – good teamwork Mister.
* Physio – using an ice pack to rescue Agastya’s finger after he’d trapped it in the car door. Worked so well he could still play in goal to make a very brave diving save.

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