Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 170312 Evergreen v Lionesses Clarets

170312 Evergreen v Lionesses Clarets

Evergreen Ladies FC 0 1 Lionesses Ladies Clarets
12th Mar 2017
Evergreen FC

Bridget, Ashley ©, Jess, Chloe, Grace, Ollie, Shelby, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Lauren, Cat, Emma, Lucy

Att 26

Battle of the Mudlarks

I had wondered all morning if this game would be on, on my late arrival the teams were warming up but the pitch was playable albeit heavy and requiring one bit of forking from “Jeffy”. Meanwhile the adjacent pitch which had more standing water was deemed unplayable. It was never going to be a pretty affair but testimony to both sides at the wrong end of the table but 30 players were available between the squads. Woburn started the stronger with a chance for Lauren in the opening 2 minutes which ended in the side netting. On 20 minutes though Ollie having a great game had the ball in the net , but a quick glance across showed that the Evergreen assistant had her flag up. However an excellent piece of refereeing saw the referee come over and discuss the goal, I could not quite hear but I believe it was along the lines off Ollie was onside at the point Woburn played the ball the final touch to her was from an Evergreen player which becomes irrelevant, goal to stand. Woburn continued to press though but that second goal would not come.

HT 0.1

Woburn had to soak up much more Evergreen pressure in the second half, at times you just wanted to see the ball cleared but Ashleigh, Grace, Ollie, Chloe and Jess in the main still wanted to demonstrate they could play football from the back, Bridget not adverse to playing the ball too. Was it Rob in charge or “Pep”? Lauren for her troubles took a bang to the head which I believe has resulted in a broken nose although I think the CT scan was ok. Hopefully she makes a quick recovery and big thanks to “Jeffy” and Bridget for taking her to hospital. Bridget in her first Woburn season was so proud to realise she and the team had kept a clean sheet for the first time this season. I had to write that to get the word clean in, kit and boots were filthy dirty to say the least.

POM Ollie

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