Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 18-Mar with Leighton Sharks

18-Mar with Leighton Sharks

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The Whirlwinds were on good form; on and off the pitch. The determination to defend well was clear from Alexander’s “let’s come on for some serious business” quote. It was easy to see the last two practices have been about pressing and block tackling. Build up passing from our goalkeepers and defenders was also excellent.

Q1: solid defence and counter attacks
Q2: lots of attacking play by the Whirlwinds
Q3: a long-pass masterclass from Jack
Q4: 3 minutes of non-stop possession from Noah’s dragback show


*Agastya – a goal-line block to stop a Sharks shot.
*Alexander – a panna pass to set up an attack.
*Maxwell – won 99 out of 100 block tackles. Powerhouse!
*Finley – a triple block tackle battle to set up Lewis.
*Thomas – a powerful shot from the edge of the area.
*Jack – a long and accurate through ball to Noah.
*Lewis – collecting the ball at halfway and running straight to goal before being fouled for a penalty.
*Noah – stop-dragback-stop-dragback-stop-dragback-stop-dragback-stop-dragback. The Sharks couldn’t get close to him.

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