2. Aspley Guise Comets

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MK Village

This match went end-to-end like a game of tennis with lots of 1-on-1s and some Comet saves that were out of this universe!


*Lewis – a high jump and flap of the hand to stop a goal from a corner.
*Alexander – a slide tackle and dribble all in one move to start a counter attack.
*Jake – accurate first-time pass across the midfield.
*Jack – first-time curling shot from way out, just going over the bar.
*Noah – won the ball and broke forward, leading to a shot and penalty.
*Finley – perfectly-weighted through ball to set up Thomas.
*Agastya – helping the defence to steal the ball and dribble down the wing.
*Maxwell – stealing the ball in midfield and playing a quick forward pass.
*Thomas – perfect scissor technique to smash the ball past the keeper (no chance – BOSH!).

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