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These two teams were very closely matched for half the match with Newport Pagnell’s players doing very well with only four players for the other half. Some of the Whirlwinds’ passing moves were their best so far. And some of the wonderful nonsense from the Q2 subs was pretty impressive too, including a story about a leg made of chips that kicks chips into your mouth, a song ‘I play for Woburn and Chip-men’ and a one-line joke about chipping a chip. Those Whirlwinds have imagination on and off the pitch.

Q1: great mix of patient passing and speedy attacks.
Q2: a close match, including a huge NP goal.
Q3: deadly shooting ‘Kapow!’
Q4: good teamwork to help in defence.


* Finley – a heroic sliding save with both knees. Also, an excellent shot from the edge of the box. Dramatic!
* Maxwell – turning to beat their attacker before a forward pass. Simples!
* Lewis – some sort of magical pass to Jack in Q1 – a bit of a curly, swervy, chippy through ball. B.E.A.uuutiful!
* Jack – on pitch, either the cross field pass or a neat left-foot through ball to Lewis in Q3. Also, pretending to sleep (both hands to his cheek) in goal for the Tigers. Tidy!
* Thomas – a dribble through the Newport defence to poke a shot at goal in Q1. Also, lending advice on what to put in the match report. Hilarious!
* Noah – close dragback skill on the left wing to keep the ball from a Tiger. Skills!
* Alexander – did you see it? Did you see the soleover skill on the left in Q4? Well did you? Magic!
* Agastya – making all 10 players stand still for 5 seconds before then dribbling past two defenders. Relaxed!
* Jake – dribbling past one defender before a short pass with the outside of the foot to Alexander in Q4. Smart thinking!