Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 24-Sep with Toddington Dragons

24-Sep with Toddington Dragons

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On FA Silent Weekend, both sets of parents did a great job letting the boys play. A total of 13 goals – wowzer!

Q1: good counter attacking and some tidy close-range goals.
Q2: difficult with the Dragons on fire.
Q3: dominant with lots of close control dribbling.
Q4: kept attacking until the final whistle.


* Jack – a dribble from defence and past 4 Dragons in Q3 before a scoop shot.
* Noah – block tackle followed with a dribble through midfield and left foot pass onto Thomas in Q1.
* Maxwell – dribbling through a busy midfield to release the through pass to Jack in Q3.
* Thomas – fantastic attacking positions to make 4 shots at goal.
* Jake – stealing the ball from a Dragons kick-off and dribbling with the ball close all the way to the penalty area.
* Alexander – keeping the ball in play for a dribble when many professionals would have kicked it out for a throw.
* Finley – courageously walking from the pitch (no tears) after a cannonball fired straight in the moosh. Hero.
* Agastya – rescued the team to save a great shot in the bottom left corner with an enormous dive and safe hands.
* Lewis – coaching Jack from the subs bench “keep your foot close to the ball!” A cue for Thomas giggles.

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