Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 25-Feb with Tattenhoe Jaguars

25-Feb with Tattenhoe Jaguars

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Medbourne Pavillion

Possibly the Whirlwinds’ toughest opponents so far, having to defend countless dangerous crosses. The team used their shielding skills well and showed an excellent attitude; trying their best all the way to the end.

Q1: a close contest with some heroic goalkeeping
Q2: a struggle to make attacks
Q3: two equal teams and a goal from a free-kick
Q4: end-to-end with good goals from both teams.


* Agastya – two strong and brave headers to protect the keeper.
* Finley – dummy and step-over skill with close control that helped escape the opponent.
* Jack – bursting through the midfield to hit a powerful shot that the keeper could only just save.
* Jake – an accurate sideways pass to Maxwell in the penalty area to set up a chance.
* Lewis – a first-time through ball to Jack that set up a chance to score from the kick-off.
* Maxwell – speeding back to help the defence and block the Jaguar attacker’s shot.
* Noah – in the perfect position to gobble up a rebound when the keeper saved a shot from Jack.
* Thomas – a double block tackle from a Jaguars kick-off to win the ball for the team.

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