4. Olney Astros

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Wow! Oh boy! Goodness gracious me! The boys had struggled in the first 3 games, after hardly any pre-season. But today, the Whirlwinds clicked. They blocked the goal like a bus. They defended like demons. They attacked like monsters. Well done to everybody for their teamwork, with so many great passing moves on top of the 1-on-1 dribbles they’d practiced this week.

The highlight of the game was: Alexander on the right. He passes across like a golf putt straight to Maxwell in the middle. Maxwell passes first time with a sweeping side-foot pass to Thomas in the box. With a first-time shot on the spin, Thomas buries a low shot past the keeper. A classic!


*Agastya – the coolest customer on the pitch, stopping the ball in his own penalty area, shielding and then dribbling out of a tight spot to start an attack. Many would smack it out for a throw-in – but this fellow kept it in play.
*Alexander – facing up to a defender in slow-motion and playing a scooped pass that went over the defender and straight to Lewis, like some sort of passing wizard.
*Finley – abandoned by his midfielders [on the hunt for goals] against 3 Astros, he waited and then pounced to press the ball and stop the danger. 1-v-3? No problem.
*Lewis – after a few hit-and-miss dribbles, really paid attention to a tip: keep the ball close and wait until the defender is close before you speed up… and from there on, nobody could take the ball off him.
*Maxwell – plucked a wobbly front tooth from his face to enquire: ‘is it still bleeding?’ before coming on for the last 60 seconds as an unplanned sub. 59 seconds later, a goal!
*Noah – a free-kick drilled low with power against the bottom of the post [Alexander, on the bench, called it a ‘bottom driller’]. Oh, and have to mention he almost snapped Olney’s crossbar… sorry.
*Thomas – showed how his goalkeeping has improved, with really big dives to the side to save the team more than once. And on very good penalty box goal-sniffing form.

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