6. Willen Rhinos

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The boys commemorated the sad passing of the club’s Zach Heath with a minute of applause. That was followed by another entertaining game; our first against Willen, a town renowned for its many rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?). *this report contains no ‘horn’ puns.


*Maxwell – solid performance, winning the ball and starting attacks, including an assist for the first goal.
*Finley – good through-ball passes and a non-stop engine to run back and cover his teammates.
*Agastya – well-timed tackles, good runs and passes, including an assist.
*Jack – a wonderful solo goal, pressing the goal kick to win the ball , beat the defender and then blast into the top corner.
*Thomas – a very good turn and shot in Q1 and then solid in goal with good positioning to make the saves.
*Lewis – great effort throughout. A great turn (copied from midweek practice) and thunderbolt strike. Ka-boom!
*Alexander – great ball control and a tidy finish for his first of the season.
*Noah – fantastic through-ball from defence in Q1 and good persistence in attack until the end.

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