7. Leighton Corinthians Sharks

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Stanbridge Rec

The day’s entertainment began with a tumble down the sodden hill from Priyank (“Timber! Referee – penalty surely?”). Both teams honoured the minute silence perfectly – well done boys.

The match was a very close contest against a competitive Sharks team. There were three pannas by the Whirlwinds and the last goal was a beauty by the Sharks striker after a somersault control. *Warning – this report may contain a pun.


*Agastya – exploded down the left wing with good speed and control before a shot just past the post.
*Alexander – an expert performance in Q2, tackling, running with the ball and passing very well. Also a Premier League save at the bottom corner in Q3. Game finished early after a sore hand injury – was playing brilliantly up to that.
*Finley – all Sharks have a ‘Fin’ on their backs and it was no different today with his constant pressing. Used our practice theme to burst through to attack, including some good shots!
*Jack – didn’t receive many passes in attack, but in defence made a triple-tackle, blocking three players in one go.
*Jake – started to press the ball well and put the opposition under pressure to come away with the ball.
*Lewis – let time stand still for 5 seconds before trying a flip-flap skill past the defender. Also assisted from a corner (sorry Lew – you can’t claim that one).
*Maxwell – such composed passing, setting up the best move of the season that involved all 4 outfield players through the thirds, starting from Maxwell in defence.
*Thomas – was in position to score if Jack’s shot hadn’t gone in. In goal, another excellent save, coming off the goal line and stopping the shot from a dangerous 1-on-1.

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