Northampton v Lionesses U18

Northampton Town 9 3 Lionesses
13th February 2016
Elgar Centre NN5 4EN
Squad: Leanne, Alice, Millie, Micky, Grace, Chloe A, Amy, Madison, Emily, Casey, Georgie, Charlie.
It would be so easy to blame it all on the ref, but we are not going to do that. I think we were beaten in the first half by a team who ” wanted it more” then us!
And I don’t say that often!!
They kept the ball so much better and if you keep giving them the ball back, you will get punished and we did.
Admittedly we only had a squad of 12 available, but so did they! So we can’t use that as an excuse either, so we will not.
Discipline is the key even if the referee is seemingly against you.
A second half recovery looked possible with a much better attitude and belief in each other. Some nice passing, playing simple football started to look good, a few good saves from Leanne, but an early soft penalty just after half time, took the wind out of us. Then a dodgy free kick given by the ref for a so called back pass was pretty harsh .They scored from both! You have got to give them credit for not giving us an inch. Amy tried hard but they gave her no time to get her shots away! Some strong tackling at the back by Chloe & Grace was not liked by the ref who penalised the Lionesses time after time. Frustrating!
It seemed like every time we gave them the ball, they went and scored.
There were some positives: 3 goals scored, by Georgie on 38, Casey on 44 , and Amy on 51 minutes, some good attacking runs by Madison and Casey gave our frozen supporters something to cheer about.
A much better second half, 12 players had a good workout, ready for the more important game on Saturday. Score not important! Performance definitely will be better next time. Final score 9-3 . Hunger, desire, determination, belief, all ingredients needed to be added to the next game!
POM Casey ( picked by the Opposition )

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