8. AFC Dunstable

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The Whirlwinds faced a very strong Dunstable team that had won 7 out of 7 before today. This was another day for keeping the spirit going until the end and challenging in every quarter, and the boys did that extremely well.


*Lewis – tidy close control to drag the ball past the defender.
*Noah – very strong tackling in defence, sweeping up through balls and stopping attacks in their tracks.
*Alexander – a brave power header, followed by another header and then the ball just over his head from a high corner. A day of headers!
*Finley – an accurate first-time pass across to Alex in midfield.
*Thomas – coming on into midfield and giving the attack plenty of help.
*Maxwell – running past the defender and trying a left foot shot that the keeper saved.
*Jake – a strong block tackle to stop a Dunstable counter attack.
*Agastya – used his smart brain to work out the best way to score was to hit it softly with his knee from 15 metres while the keeper wasn’t looking. Celebrated with joy.
*Jack – a Jack classic, smashing a first-time volley over the keeper from far out (just as one coach whispered “take a touch”).

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