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A kinda bizarre one today. In Q3, the ball was in Stewkley’s half for all 10 minutes while Thomas watched on in goal getting slightly frozen. Q3 must have had 10 shots but they just didn’t go in today.

There were definitely lots more passes today after the boys started their passing practices in the week. The move of the match came from an Alexander goal-kick to Lewis, a pass through to Agastya, a shot saved by the keeper and followed up by Thomas. Mind you, Stewkley scored a very smart goal from a kick-off too, so a good game for passing.


*Alexander – a dash from halfway, running across the chasing defender and staying strong for a good shot.
*Lewis – quick thinking with a pass from a free-kick in the Stewkley area.
*Agastya – a hat-trick of assists! Showed much better awareness of his teammates to pass at the right times.
*Jake – a lovely piece of skill, using a dragback to pass to Lewis and fool the opponent.
*Maxwell – another goal today after a shot right into the bottom corner.
*Thomas – an unselfish pass across the box to set up a shot. One of many good passes today.
*Jack – just couldn’t get the goal today as the Stewkley keeper caught everything. But! But what wonderful passing from defence, clipping perfect lobbed passes over Stewkley heads.
*Finley – even a mad scientist couldn’t have invented this – the ‘Bum Pass’. Fell on his front from a throw-in and the ball bounced of his buttocks on its way through to Thomas.

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