Afc Dunstable yellows

W & W FC Cyclones 0 5 Afc Dunstable Yellows
25th april 2015
home-crawley road

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey(c),Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

After a few weeks off we returned to league action today against Afc Dunstable yellows.

Today we wanted the boys to start from the first whistle as we have been struggling in recent weeks our intensity hasn’t been the level we know they can produce.

And straight from the whistle we did look good trying to pass the ball pressing the yellows and not giving them space.We looked on top had several corners and we looked like we were up for it.

We then got a corner and we attacked them but Dunstable broke free and went on the counter attack and the Dunstable striker went for it we had enough players back but he just charged on goal and nobody really put a foot in with any conviction and sadly for us he calmly slotted the ball into the net with a calm finish 0-1 Dunstable.

We restarted and still looked good trying to play football and not just kick the ball out from the back which we have been wanting them to do more of,and sadly this was our downfall for the 2nd goal a we tried playing it out but it was perhaps a time to getting the ball away because the striker bounce on our defender again run straight at goal and agin he slotted it away 0-2 Dunstable.

After that goal our heads dropped and so did our confidence and we started causing a few silly mistakes but we still felt we could get back in it after the half time break.

Half time and the boys looked deflated and honestly thought they was going to get a roasting,how wrong they were,we was happy with the performance just disappointed the mistakes for the goals,we told them what we needed to start doing the Dunstable striker was playing the line fantastically and his pace was causing us trouble.

We started ok but very soon after we made another defensive error and Dunstable punished it by scoring a third.

We then fell to pieces for 10 minutes we had dropped our heads looked out of sorts and we then conceded the 4th goal which sadly summed up our day defensively a ball kicked forward wasn’t dealt with and confusion between defender and keeper lead to the ball going through korbans hands and legs into the net. Korban was devastated ok he made a mistake but we should have cleared it sooner.

Ok we as conceded we were not gonna win today so we had to show a bit of pride and to be fair the boys still tried and we still attacked and create slim chances but we couldn’t see ourselves scoring Aaron was chasing everything and had Sam and Malik trying to cause them problems down the wings but to no luck.

Although we tried when Dunstable attacked we panicked I guess the goals we had already conceded didn’t help Dunstable got are kick right on the edge of the box not the greatest tackle from Alex,we made the wall and korban positioned himself well to save the shot.

We then conceded a 5th and final goal sadly we switched off and Dunstable took a quick throw and we were not organised or ready which summed up our day today.

Full time cyclones 0-5 afc Dunstable yellows.

In all we played well in parts but we made some major errors which cost us all 5 goals,don’t get me wrong Dunstable played well there striker was certainly the difference he caused us problems endless amount of times but our defending wasn’t at its best today either.

At times we just have to say it wasn’t our day forget it and move on to the next game,yes there are things we need to work on but that’s for us to work on in training.
In whole we played some good football and we stuck to our way of playing football and didn’t just hoof it up the park,even at 4 and 5 nil we still tried to play football.

Today extra praise goes to Aaron,john,and Sam.

John started today in the centre of midfield not his usual position but he looked like he had played there for years he was controlled and closed the Dunstable midfield down quickly and looked too turn his defensive duty quickly into attack spreading the ball really well and for us was outstanding in the first 15 minutes when we started so well.

Aaron today didn’t really get much clear cut chances today at goal but what he did do was chase everything,we always tell the boys we need to defend from the front,today he did defend from the front,I would love to have had sky’s heat map on his running that he had done because he was all of the pitch chasing somebody down trying to get us back into the game which was great to see.

And finally Sam who like Aaron chased everything down helped out defensively from the front and at the back,the prime example of this was when our defence made a error and there striker was away from them but Sam with his speed chased him down and won the ball back and was then fouled as the striker wasn’t to pleased with being chased down like that this is something we never would have seen when Sam first joined us he is becoming more of a team player rather than a individual goal scorer that he was when he joined us he also starting to look up more for players in better positions rather than trying to take on the whole opposition something we having been trying to get him to do more and more and today he done it well.

We thank afc Dunstable yellows for today’s game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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