Aylesbury Utd Jnrs 3 1 W & W FC Cyclones
17th january 2015

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban(c),Malik,Morgan & Sam.


Cyclones today had another tough away fixture against Aylesbury Utd from league 1.

After the last week poor start we really emphasised to the boys that against top teams starting like we did last week we would find games difficult to win because being a few goals down every game your not going to be able to get back in it every game.

Today game was to be played in 4 quarters to help both coaching teams to work on certain aspects of each other’s game.

To be honest for our boys it was stuff we like to do anyway but the first half we told the boys were not allowed to shoot in the box.

The first quarter was very even to be honest and that’s was good for us because we looked up for and ready for a battle perhaps the defeat and first half performance last week was a reality check for the boys,let’s hope because we shown some good play our defence and midfield had good shape but Bailey certainly up front put there keeper and defenders under pressure very quickly.

The second quarter Aylesbury had maybe a little more of the attacking play which isn’t surprising but the back 3 with the help of the midfield seemed to handle the pressure but we shouldn’t forget Aylesbury finished joint runners up in league 1 before Christmas.

In the 3 rd quarter we let the boys go for it and we seem to have a bit more freedom in our play but so did Aylesbury and it was end to end stuff and then came the first major talking point of the game.

Aylesbury broke on a Counter attack and we were struggling to get back and held them up but sadly a late challenge on there player which was a foul granted but the decision to award a penalty was wrong the boy who was fouled feet was only just over the White line.

But decision don’t always go your way so we had to deal with it.

Up stepped there player and Korban was feeling confident he had saved his last penalty and guess what he saved this one but the next incident was to follow because we struggled to clear it and Aylesbury got awarded another penalty personally was soft the player was going other before contact which to be fair was only just if any.

But again we have to deal with it even if we are not happy with the decision.

So Aylesbury get another player to take this one and guess what ? Korban saves that as well much to the boys and my relief. Justice ? well maybe.

This then seemed to get the boys more determined and we then had a very good spell winning lots of the ball and we then scored with a great team pass move with Alex calmly slotting the ball into Aylesbury’s goal.

Aylesbury equalised very quickly there striker beat the offside and was one on one with Korban and calmly slotted the ball past him, Korban his self looked disappointed with himself we could see he didn’t come off his line so but we can’t blame him he has saved us so many times maybe he was frozen in the goal which wouldn’t have been surprised it was very cold.

Aylesbury then got a second goal which was another tough decision for us,Korban was can only be described as clipped around the head when challenged by the striker who then got the ball and but it into the net.

Ok it was intentional but the slap was heard from the half way line,it was questioned but the ref felt it was intentional which maybe was correct but it was 100% a foul, we certainly felt that was harsh and by far the wrong decision.

Thankfully that goal didn’t become the deciding goal as Aylesbury got a third which sadly was completely from our wrong doing.

A long ball from Aylesbury and not one player of our making it there ball calling a name and leaving it to the other let the Aylesbury striker took advantage of our poor decision making to score it.

So the game finished Aylesbury Utd 3-1 cyclones.

In all a great team effort we showed so much more of what we can today and that was pleasing,yes several tough decision went against us which the boys and us coaches were not happy with bug that’s football we move on and look at what was good from this performance.

We showed we can give top teams a game and we’re certainly matched them for most of the game.

We soaked up a lot of pressure and our defence looked very solid and together this week unlike last week.

Today Bailey gets a mention for his performance in the first half chasing everything not letting any player have a second on the ball no wonder he struggled towards the end.

In all every player did there job today everything we wanted we got from them desire,commitment, and all together a TEAM performance so all the boys should be proud and unfortunately you just fall short of getting a positive result,and considering the team we were player a 3-1 result isn’t to bad.

We thank Aylesbury for a great test today and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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