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Bedford Ladies and Girls 5 0 Lionesses U13 Blue
13th September 2014
League Game

A Tough Match
This week was our first game of the season and without a doubt going to be one of the hardest. After 3 weeks of training with the girls, me nor James knew the girls very well and didn’t know how they play in a serious match. Although, we lost 5-0 I feel this is an unfair representation of the game. I have never seen such hard work put in by a team. Each and every one of you worked your socks off. A special shout out to Jess. Even though she was the smallest out on the pitch she managed to make herself the biggest. She was everywhere. Always running, always making a tackle. Well done. Also well done to Kodi for player of the match.
Within the first 10-15 minutes we conceded 3 goals. Not a great start. We were all daydreaming. But, we started to play and improved massively. Our defense learned from mistakes and became a unit.
Second half, you all put a massive shift in and got stuck in. It was a nasty game and they were rather rough but we looked just as strong. No subs and exhaustion cost us the extra two goals yet we stuck to it. The only difference between us and them was the tall, long haired girl at the back and the girl that shot from a mile away. That’s all and they finished third last season. So heads up. Well played all.
Thanks to all parents, it was great that you all got involved with the game and supporting me and James.
Let’s look forward to next game.

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