City Belles 0 0 Woburn Lionesses
28th November 2015
scheduled fixture

A 7 aside friendly against the City Belles saw another very evenly contested match in cold and windy conditions. But, despite the addition of 2 more players for this 7 aside match the girls weren’t able to turn their chances into a celebratory score line!
Honey battled up front and created a couple of opportunities in the first half and Kaci’s strong defence limited the Belles advances early on.
Izzy demonstrated strength and resilience throughout her time on the pitch as she closed down the opposition and fed the strikers with through balls. Not shy of a tackle or three, Izzy dominated her space and looked very sharp throughout the game.
The twins: Lily and Ruby were tireless with their forward pushes and also their relentless pursuit of the ball-whether the Belles were tall or short they soon realised they would be tackled for possession! Both their work rate was top draw and they deserved more!
Olivia dribbled her way through the opposition traffic demonstrating her skills but alas it did not lead to goals this time however, it was recognised by the Belles who nominated her for Woburn ‘Girl of the match’…well done Olivia!
Some good accurate passing was on show by all the girls along with good position and defensive support throughout the match – this is great to see.
On the whole, another great turn out from the girls and the game looked like a competitive and fun experience for all of them as they continue to learn to play with each other – well done again Lionesses!!