Woburn & Wavendon Football Club City Colts Leopards

City Colts Leopards

WWFC Hurricanes 0 0 City Colts Leopards
3rd March 2015
Wavendon Recreation Ground


The road to Brackley is not for us this season !  A first half which was almost a carbon copy of the previous week’s League match, set up the second half for a possible fight back from the boys. That is where the similarity to last week’s match ends.  A ‘stop at all cost’ approach seemed to be the method our opponents decided to employ.  All credit to the boys, they kept plugging away despite considerable provocation, and at the end emerged with much credit for their control and self-discipline.  I think we were all caught cold (including the referee) by the tactics that seemed to be used.  In all fairness, the opposition did not have their manager present, and I think things would not have deteriorated as they did had he been present. An experience that will hold us in good stead for the future, and with stronger officiating, one that I hope will not be repeated.  Football should be about fun, friendship, teamwork and footballing skill. We will stay true to our philosophy, and applaud good play and sportsmanship from all youngsters.

Next week back to proper football v the Whirlwinds.

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