City Colts Raptors 1 1 W & W fc Cyclones
30th may 2015

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban(c),Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Sam

Today was another 11v11 friendly against City colts raptors we have played them twice before and lost by a single goal both times so today was gonna be our toughest test yet at 11v11.

All the other games we have played so far our performances haven’t been that great,if we were honest at times we see the cyclones we know but not really played the game to our potential.

Today before we started we felt we needed the boys to understand this and that today we certainly couldn’t not give less than 100% as raptors are a side that could punish you if you did lower your standards.

The 1st half was a very close affair both teams trying to out wit each other,trying to play to there strengths passing the ball trying to penetrate each other’s goal but to be fair both teams just couldn’t find the finish both attacking players were trying but both defences were staying strong and when they were beaten the keepers were there to make the saves although can’t really remember either teams really causing that much goal mouth action.

The 1st half finished 0-0 and to be fair that was a fair reflection on the half but the football from both teams was great don’t think there’s was much more either team could have done to try and score it was just two very good sides trying to win the game.

At half time we just told the boys to keep playing the way we were it was a good performance but try not to make any mistakes because that could make the difference.

2nd half began and the first 10 minutes raptors come out with real determination and put the pressure on our midfield and defence we certainly was gonna have to dig in and soak it up,and to be fair we did the defence was strong when needed and the midfield did a lot of tracking back.

Then all of a sudden we began to get a good bit of pressure and probably the next 10 minutes was all us Aaron up top was chasing everything putting the pressure on them and with Sam,Bailey,John,Malik and Charlie helping him from midfield our attacking play began to cause raptors some problems.

Finally we got the break through Sam was put through and thankfully put the ball past the keeper his 30th goal of the season.

0-1 cyclones.

After theb goal for 5 minutes we looked to get a second but just couldn’t get it raptors soaked up some pressure themselves.

The last 10 minutes was again very even we were trying to get the second goal and raptors the equaliser,again great credit to both teams because the football,desire and effort to get the goal was there,it was just a matter who would get it.

The answer was raptors with less than 2 minutes to go there striker got past our boys and slotted the ball past the out coming Korban.

Disappointing to concede that goal so late on but we couldn’t take it away from raptors they deserved it and 1-1 probably was a fair result.

That’s how it finished 1-1 both teams were happy and both teams congratulated each other’s for a great game of football this was probably the best game this year from 2 teams in a game that we had been involved in,two teams both showing hunger and desire to win and to also stop the opposition from winning.

To add to that both teams played the game in the correct manner can remember many strong tackles that were late and there wasn’t many controversial incidence,just two teams playing in the spirit of the game and that was great to see a good display for youth football really.

Today was a good team performance again no boy had a bad game the defence was great and midfield worked there socks off as did our forwards so today no special mentions individually but just hope the boys continue that team effort from now on.

We thank City colts raptors for today’s game and I’m sure we will see you next season for a game or two.

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