City Colts Tigers

W & W FC Cyclones 1 1 City Colts Tigers
18th April 2015
home-crawley road

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie(c),John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron

Today the cyclones had a late arranged friendly against city colts tigers in another 11 aside match to prepare for to hoping to 11 aside next season.

So far we have played 2 games of 11 v 11 and as coaches we can’t believe how much we are trouble we are having adjusting but the only way to do it is practice.

A late ko today due to Crawley rd being booked but never the less we wanted to show a good performance.

Warm up wasn’t the greatest again and we are starting to know what sort of game we are going to get from the team by the warm up and to be honest it wasn’t looking great.

The boys remembered our previous encounter with the City colts tigers which we won 5-1 and on that day it was a convincing win but we all know that was then this is now but I don’t think the boys did.

We started with a 4-1-5-1 formation which we had tried in our previous games and hoped that would suit the boys as wasn’t far of our 9 aside 3-1-3-1.

The game started and from the start we looked second at everything the City colts tigers were going to show us that we’re better than the 5-1score line,rightly so we have done that to teams ourselves.

City colts tigers were winning every battle in every position,Sam seemed to have lots some space down our right but we were unable to get the ball to him due to poor control and no great composure.

City colts tigers also never gave us time to settle(again something we like to do) as City colts tigers got more of the play it started to make us panic simple things became difficult and frustration also was starting to show,decisions that didn’t go are way became issues not the best as Ian had to ref as we was unable to get one today,our boys get the hump with him which really isn’t good for them to do and unfair on Ian as without him being the ref we wouldn’t have been able to play the game and he is only human.

City colts tigers then scored to lead 1-0 a mix up at the back no real conviction to get the ball out and they closed us down and slotted the ball home.

That was the only goal of the 1st half and city colts tigers deserved there lead and we were lucky yo be only a goal down.

We needed to wake up!!!!

Stop moaning and get on with it play the football we know we can play.

The first 1/4 of the second half was similar to the first half tigers again had more of the play and the best effort korban pushing a shot onto the cross bar the most notable attempt.

So the last 15 we needed to show some pride at least try and get back into the game and finally we started to show a little of ourselves a bit of urgency and had a few attacks.

Finally we got a goal from a corner City colts tigers switched off for a second they looked to be waiting for Callum and Morgan to make there way up for the corner but Bailey and Sams quick thinking and short corner was crossed in and thankfully Aaron was awake and pounced on it with his head.

The final few minutes was more even both teams wanted to get the 2nd goal but time run out and it finished 1-1.

In all we were probably more pleased to get a draw than possibly City colts tigers were,they did certainly have more of the ball and we were also second to it for most of the game.

As coaches we know we need to try things and 11 aside surprisingly is a big change,so we are perhaps not expecting the performances we get at 9 aside but what we do still want is effort and determination something we didn’t show today maybe we had thought its was a given win or maybe the ‘it’s a friendly doesn’t matter what the result is’ mind set was part of it but we must give credit to City colts tigers and hope we get that mindset out for the tough games ahead.

Although not the greatest performance Korban was very assured in and around his area today’s and his kicking from his hands and the floor were very good,not much he could have done for the goal and the important push on to the bar was good also.

And also well done to Sam and Bailey for the quick thinking for the corner that lead to our goal from Aaron who also deserved to score it for being aware of the quick corner.

We thank City colts tigers for today’s game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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