Cranfield Colts FC Cougars U9

WWFC Hurricanes 0 0 Cranfield Colts Cougars
08/10/16 at TBC
Crawley Road, Woburn
League Game

A wet and windy morning meant our warm up was focused largely on control. The zippy surface and large pitch could see the ball run away from players and keepers.

For most of the first half, we enjoyed possession in attacking areas, this led to a string of corners. Although, we were unable to take advantage, partly due to a lack of movement in the area, but the delivery also lacked the required conviction.

Alannam and Ollie worked well at turning defence into attack, and found spaces to attack wide, but at times weren’t able to generate enough power into their deliveries. A quick fire double from Ollie and Jawdan gave the lead, and that took us through to half time.

TEAMTALK – we asked the team to try something different from corners; play shorter passes maybe? And when attacking from wide positions, to try to run into the box before crossing as we were struggling with crosses. We tried not to be too critical as the team were playing well, only reminded them to be cautious that the next goal could determine the game.

The second half was much like the first, good transitions, this time the runs were more direct as the players searched for more chances. Daniel and Luca combined well in defence, taking it in turns to drive the play forward into midfield.

Unable to add to the lead, the team worked just as hard to defend and the game ended with no more goals, our first clean sheet this season. Overall, a very good team performance and an enjoyable watch.


HOMEWORK – skill and technique are just as important as speed and strength. Be confident to create an opportunity with a turn or flick.

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