Evergreen Eagles

Evergreen Eagles 1 1 Lionesses Blues
10th Sept. 2017 2:00pm
Evergreen Eagles
League Div 2 game

Damp & windy start to the Blues 2nd Division campaign!

The ten players of Evergreen newly promoted along with us started very up beat after making the excuses that they only had 10 and they have had no real pre season games! Sounds like mind games to me.

Then they went 1-0 up after 9 mins of the start!! A messy goal that was more of our own making then them.  To make it worse we then after 10 mins loose Nikita with a serious leg injury!! So now we have 3 excuses if you count the Ref. who I would never criticise. All things considered we knew that it was not going to be easy in the 1st away fixture. They played well and had there two top goal scorers up top, we had to hang in there for long periods to stay in the game. Our back four being tested throughout were staying solid and grafting. Roll up your selves time! We did just that including  6 new players all looking to make an impression , we dug in and without it being pretty we got what we deserved after 35mins a GOAL from Beth playing up along side Georgie for the first time straight from 3 weeks holiday a lovely shot despatched like a pro!

Well done to Jade for her Captaining the team in such difficult of personal circumstances. Respect to her for even being in the game let alone completing it. Tells you all you need to know about the attitude of the player!

Amy R made some really good stops in goal, really pleased to have her with us. Molly had a solid debut working hard in every way to help the team. #impressed

The good thing was we stood together and battled it out especially in the second half when both sides could have won the game with lots of open chances both ends and some excellent football.

Also thanks to Britney, Vicky, Scarlett, Molly, Chloe, Amy, Madison, Georgie, Sophie & Nikita who ended up in A & E at MK having her calf checked out!  At 5.30pm at A&E told it was a broken leg (Fibular).

Thank you to our Linesman Neil who came along just to help ! That’s what you call commitment. Not forgetting Ben for his offer to help run our line in the future  and then did it to help them!

We know it was not perfect but Rome was not built in a day! Lots to build on! Lots to be encouraged , we have the spirit, desire, and willingness to do it together.

Well done Team Admin Michelle and Paul our new assistant manager plus the impressive Alan for all there help. #teameffortwithnohelpfromref!

Final score 1-1, a good point to start the season. But not one to remember for a few reasons!

Nikita & Jade the team is thinking about you.

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