Evergreen Eagles

Lionesses Ladies Blues 7 2 Sandy Ladies
20th November 2016 at 2:00pm
Aspley Guise Common
Cup game

Match Report: SUNDAY 20th November 2016

Lionesses v Sandy Ladies – Attendance – 34

( including Jade, Millie & Jacqui . & 2 dogs including Baxter, not forgetting  our resident Lino Neil Stewart, Catering team Terri, Andrea, Michelle, Janet, Goal posts help from Eamonn, Alan & Ross) Thanks for the support again guys.)


MK v Man Utd , springs to mind!! Could we dare to think we really had a cat in hells chance?? You bet your bottom dollar we did. Top of the 3rd taking on Top of the 1st? Impossible but football is about dreams and we had a dream!

Coaches said before the game it’s about the 4 P’s , PRIDE, PASSION, PASSING, PRESSURE!! and today we had all 4.

Right from the off the Lionesses playing down the slope in the very wet (but perfect for our footy style) went on the attack. “Give them a game” was the final message from coach Pat, forget the score just enjoy the experience, and they did. The passing from back to side to front was great to watch and after hitting the post and giving the Sandy Ladies a few shots across their bows on 22 mins MADISON got what she deserved the opening goal from a corner from Molly. 1-0 dreamland! But all we did was to wake a sleeping giant! As on 37 mins they hit back 1-1 from their first corner, they are not top of div 1 for nothing.

What a way to respond as CASEY with a first time finish on 38 mins says ” pick that one out” 2-1 up. Then CASEY using the outside of her right with a fantastic chip makes it 3-1 , must be dreaming! Some great teamwork made it great to watch from RACHEL to CARRIE to BRITNEY, to LIZZIE, to AMY to LAUREN to CASEY with lovely interchanges. Let’s not forget ALICE just getting on with it on the left.

Half time 3-1 “unbelievable”

Second half we knew they would throw the kitchen sink and more at us and they did not disappoint . They dug in with great encouragement from their coach spurring them on. But we get a free kick, up steps MOLLY on 46mins and bends a right footer passed the out streched keeper. 4-1 Brilliant! but CASEY is not finished yet , as on 53mins she gets her 3rd, 5-1. But they are not giving up as on 69mins they hit back with a well taken header. 5-2 shouts of “comeback time” from their manager resounded around the Guise!

Not while you got a MOLLY in your team as on 74mins she makes space for herself and bang! 6-2. Then just to rub salt in the wound she takes a trade mark corner that goes straight in off the keeper at the near post on 82mins to seal the deal! 7-2 Final score. The score line flattered the Lionesses as this was a lot closer than that, all credit to Sandy Ladies for a really good game of Ladies football.

Proud to be associated to this squad that we are slowly building for the future, great when they play like this.

Get back soon to JADE , GEORGIE ( remind me not to let her make the coffee again) EMMA , AMY R, because with are going to need everyone to keep this up!!



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