Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Lionesses v EB Lions

Lionesses v EB Lions

Semi-final - Lionesses 5 0 EB Lions
28 Feb 2015 at 10.30am
Aspley Guise MK17 8DX
SGDC, Semi-final

Consecutive County Cup Finals reached!

Squad: Leanne, Grace, Michaela, Chloe A, Millie, Carrie, Lauren, Zoe, Georgie, Emily, Rosie, Jemma, Chloe R, Alice

Goals from: Carrie x 2, Rosie x 1, Georgie x 1, Millie x 1

POM: Emily

Attendance: 30

The Lionesses were attempting to make it back to back county cup finals and a third cup final in 4 years, as they entertained EB Lions. Early chances were created by Carrie and Rosie, and fittingly on 4 minutes, Carries well placed free kick, followed a minute later by a fine shot from Rosie, made it 2-0. Confident Carrie ran and shot for goal number 3 and Georgie made it 4-0 on 19 minutes, as the ball just made it across the line. From a corner cross, Millie headed in a 5th after 25 minutes and who would have believed anyone who dared to suggest that was it for the scoring today! EB defended well and Woburn failed to capitalise on some good chances, in the remaining 55 minutes though, an early second half  EB shot that smashed down off the cross bar, was the nearest anyone came to scoring and the only time Leanne looked likely to concede a goal. Millie defensively was the pick of the players at the back. The style of play was varied throughout, with Lauren the deft passing movement was there, Chloe R likes a run from the wide and directly through the centre is there any better than Zoe? However for a first half display down the wing, POM was given to Emily. Other than finding out the date, all thoughts of the cup final will now be parked, as there are other cups, a league and a tournament to think about first.

Well played!

Pat and Steve

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