Great Linford Chasers v WWFC Hurricanes

Great Linford Chasers 0 0 WWFC Hurricanes
24 March 2018
Marsh Drive Sports Ground
League game

Wow what a thriller – a very enjoyable game to watch so hopefully it was just as enjoyable for the boys to play in.

The two teams were very evenly matched which helped increase the level of excitement. It was good to see the boys making some great passes, keeping with what we are working on training (using the ‘if you see it, do it’ mantra). There was some brilliant phases in the game,  especially in the third quarter, where we attacked space quickly, especially on the counter attack. There were some excellent saves by all those who played in goal, and some superb goals that would not have looked out of place on MOTD! In the first quarter in particular the boys held a good shape and kept to the diamond formation we are working on.

We will continue to work on the passing element of the game further – in particular around the right time to pass and how we can move to make space and become available to receive a pass.

No game next week, I will be in touch on Whatsapp as to whether we play our rescheduled match on Wednesday 4 April or not. Thanks for all your support.

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