Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Harvesters FC v Lionesses

Harvesters FC v Lionesses

Harvesters FC 8 0 Lionesses
3 Sept 2014 at 630pm
Harvesters FC


11 Give Their All Against Older Opposition!

Charlie, Jemma, Carrie, Chloe A, Grace, Maddison, Millie, Emily, Lauren, Leanne, Georgie

Attendance – 30

On a warm September evening, a depleted team of U16s made a midweek journey to St Albans. With 2 of our girls having just turned 14, the opposition could boast girls who could drive. For 20 minutes the Lionesses kept the game goal less and at half time were only a couple of goals down. With no subs, a goal keeper playing on the pitch and a forward playing as a centre half, the Lionesses struggled to create chances. Tiredness allowed Harvesters chances to score, but the result would have been much worst if not for the crunching tackles from Carrie, Jemma, Chloe, Millie and Grace.

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