Houghton vs WWFC Ladies

Houghton 6 0 WWFC Ladies
Sunday 27th September
Tithe Farm Road Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire LU5 5JE

Woburn played very well for 40 minutes with numerous chances being created down the right-hand side of the pitch. The quality of the football was good but goals eluded the team. On 15 minutes, we were caught by a counter attack from Houghton with the ball being knocked long, catching the centrebacks out before beating Jess. Play resumed with us controlling the ball for large periods but we were unable to find the final pass to truly challenge the goalkeeper. On 42 minutes we were caught on the counter attack again – Mollie caught their striker with the faintest of touches which resulted in Houghton slotting home from the penalty sport. In between goals, Jess made a few really good saves at important times.

At half time we had to change formation in order to try and get after the game.

The second half was less than pleasing… very few passes were actually completed and we went from controlling parts of the game to being overrun. Several players at this point were going through the pain barrier to play and eventually Kim had to take a break. Jess came on pitch at centreback and Charlie made her Ladies Goalkeeping debut. She went into goal and looked incredibly confident and was by no means afraid of the situation – commanding and vocal!

Hitchin away in two weeks will be a tough test – we need to get things sorted by then.

Player of the Match – Charlie Aldridge

First Half
4:05 Shot On Target, Georgia
4:48 Shot Off Target, Georgia
5:33 Shot On Target, Sharna
6:50 Shot On Target, Charlie
9:49 Shot Off Target, Mollie
11:32 Save, Jess
14:36 Goal (Houghton)
16:48 Save, Jess
21:07 Substitution, Emma (CF) Dom (off)
22:56 Corner Kick, Georgia
31:06 Corner Kick, Georgia
34:25 Save, Jess
40:28 Shot Off Target, Emma
42:04 Penalty Goal (Houghton)
45:00+0:48 Save, Jess

45:00 Change Formation, 3-5-2
45:00 Change Position, Chloe (RB) Mollie (CB)
45:00 Change Position, Cat (CM) Sharna (LM)
Second Half
48:03 Offside, Emma
50:18 Corner Kick, Georgia
58:16 Save, Jess
59:08 Goal (Houghton)
60:40 Save, Jess
63:44 Shot Off Target, Jay
63:51 Substitution, Dom (CF) Emma (off)
65:41 Corner Kick, Georgia
67:56 Goal (Houghton)
70:59 Substitution, Emma (CM) Kim (off)
72:14 Change Position, Jess (RM) Charlie (GK)
72:25 Change Position, Emma (RM) Jess (CM)
80:20 Save, Charlie
81:10 Own Goal, Sharna
84:09 Goal (Houghton)
85:14 Shot On Target, Jay
87:42 Substitution, Kim (CM) Jess (off)
88:14 Shot On Target, Dom

90:00+0:31 Shot On Target, Jay


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