Woburn & Wavendon Football Club 300416 Ladies Clarets v Evergreen Ladies FC

300416 Ladies Clarets v Evergreen Ladies FC

Lionesses Ladies Clarets 0 3 Evergreen Ladies FC
30th Apr 2017
Aspley Guise Common

Bridget, Ashley ©, Jess, Chloe, Grace, Alice, Shelby, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Lauren, Cat, Emma, Sharna

Att 27

This was almost an end of season does not matter game although the Woburn Ladies could have gained a league position with a win and a Royston loss. Fortunately after this display Royston had won anyway so what was probably Woburn poorest performance of the season, against opposition who on the day were better but really Woburn should have the ability to win a game like this, saw the season limp home. Before we even started warm up did not look like the win attitude of recent weeks
After 9 mins Woburn were 1-0 down and didn’t look at the races. The half did not improve much, Emma netted on 42 minutes, now it was hard to tell she looked onside but Woburn had made one big mistake which confused the issue. When a substitute runs the line as Evergreen had they must cover match kit..with a different colour neither Woburn or the referee had stopped this which certainly did not help Emma look for the last defender appoint for next season.

HT 0-1
A goal on 69 minutes for Evergreen woke Woburn up finally but all they had to show for that was a suspected Broken nose as Bridget bravely dived at an attackers feet and a third goal conceded in the injury time that followed. Although one positive was Sharna’s cameo appearance returning from injury A sad end to the season with a muted farewell from playing in the team to Chloe after 292 games and 65 goals. Sadly the Woburn signing on policy does not cater anymore for those away at university to sign for 2 or 3 games a season unlike Chloe’s other pre-occupation where dual registering for 2 counties is the norm in these circumstances.

A big thank you to Rob and Jeff no family in the team but Woburn’s most committed duo, with I believe help from Nigel next year, a welcome return.

Thanks to all the ladies and extra thanks to Charlottes parents for arranging refreshments each week.

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