League – Home To Luton All Star Bulls

WWFC Lions - Whirlwinds 0 6 Luton All Stars Bulls
1st October
Crawley Road, Woburn, MK17 9QD

The game kicked off with clear sky’s and some early morning sunshine.

The home started slowly, passing was over complicated at the back and loose in the midfield and forward areas. The away side were sharp to pick up any loose passes, which there were plenty on offer, and so had the much better of the early exchanges. 15 minutes in they opened the scoring and it was no surprise, again the ball was handed to them in midfield, and they surged forward down the right and a cut back cross was neatly finished 0-1. It should have been a wake cup call for the home side, they did step up slightly Sam being chopped down on the edge of the box when clean through, the resulting free kick was alas poorly taken and no threat to goal. Luton a powerful side, were dominating midfield and the pressure soon told with a almost identical goal to the first, loose pass in midfield was gobbled up and a break down the right was finished with ease 0-2. The home side looked a shadow of the team they can be. By now the skies had darkened and rain had started to come down, almost matching the grey performance by the home side on the pitch. However they battled through to half time without conceding further goals.

HT: 0-2

It was an ‘honest’ half time team talk, we were masters of our own downfall, we were playing to many square passes at the back and in the rest of the pitch our passing was sloppy and movement ahead of the ball was limited. We knew the next goal would be important so needed to start the second half well.

To be fair the message seemed to get across and the home side, started the second half with a little more composure and had the better of the early exchanges, but couldn’t craft a clear cut chance, thanks mainly to some excellent committed defending by the away side. Luton were awarded a free kick in the centre of the pitch, it was floated in to the box and headed clear, to the middle of the pitch where it was looped back to where it came from, the home sides left half of their defence had pushed out to catch the attackers offside, regretfully the right half of the defence didn’t get the memo and stayed planted in their original position, which left 5 attackers free in the box with no defender in sight the gift of a free shot at goal was gleefully accepted 0-3. It was a mortal blow and the home side knew it, it was important then to dig in, play simple and limit the damage. Unfortunately the home side did none of these and continued to try and force passes in the wrong areas, give the ball away with ease and not work hard enough without it, the away side were happy to keep turning the screw and added a three further goals, the only test for the away ‘keeper was a stinging long range shot from Billy, eventually the Referee blew the final whistle to end their misery.

FT: 0-6

Summary: It was a bad day at the office, we were the masters of our own downfall not being able to keep possession for more than 1 pass, virtually the whole team had an off day, which when playing good quality opposition means you will get punished. It was disappointing that in the second half we didn’t learn from our first half display and carried on gifting our opponents goals. Lot’s to learn from and hopefully it was just a one off, we haven’t played that badly for several seasons.

M.O.T.M: Only one contender this week, on his debut, Ibu was positive in possession and worked hard without it, it’s a shame on his first appearance his team mates couldn’t match his display.

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