MK Wanderers Hawks

MK Wanderers Hawks 7 4 W & W FC Cyclones
21st febuary 2015

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie ,Bailey,Callum,Callan,John,Korban,Malik(c),Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron,Morgan & Callan 2

Cyclones today play MK Wanderers Hawks who won winter league division 2 before Christmas so would be a good test for the boys.

Charlie unfortunately wasn’t available due to a fractured wrist so just the 11 boys today.

Pre match we discussed what we wanted from the boys and more importantly what we didn’t want to do today and we couldn’t emphasise enough to the boys especially to the defence and Korban that off side were gonna be difficult as it wasn’t much of a gap so we needed to not let them beat us that way.

So the game started and to be fair we were trying to play the ball around the pitch with some good passing moves but we seem to be leaving a gap in dangerous position and it cost us a simple pass from midfield where we had nobody in passed the ball past our defence and unfortunately Korban wasn’t quick enough coming out and we were 1-0 down.

1-0 soon became 2-0 when we our defence was basically no existent we were again caught by poor defending.

The strange thing was we were certainly playing the better football we seem to be moving the ball really well we were having chances and most of the possession just not finding the goal.

And again poor defending then cost us another goal 3-0 MK Wanderers Hawks.

Again disappointing but we still felt we could get back into the game and finally a break through a great corner was crossed in for Morgan to finish it off scrappy but we needed it 3-1 and that’s how it finished at half time.

Half time team talk was get the negative stuff away first but the boys all knew what we had done wrong and then we just told them to keep playing the football the way we were as coaches the attacking play was good but very unlike us the defending was not its best.

We started the 2nd half well so well it was very quickly 3-2 Callan with a fantastic bit of skill and control finished off with a sweet left footed shot.

For the next 5-10 minutes we dominated pushing for the equaliser but again we couldn’t get that goal.

Then was a mad 5 minutes Wanderers got a 4th,5th and 6th where it came from I don’t know but we just fell apart poor clearance and more errors we completely gave the game away the boys faces said it all none of us could find a answer how this had happened,but all we could say was just keep going don’t give in stick those heads up and keep going.

The boys did that continued playing good football and making chances and Aaron got us another goal nicely passing the ball into the bottom left hand corner.

Wanderers then got there 7th I’ll be honest I can’t remember it but again it hurt,us coaches and the boys but again they didn’t give in we certainly was frustrating wanderers at times which got heated toward the end of the game but we controlled ourselves well and to the boys credit we got a 4th goal Callan again finishing off well.

That’s how it finished MK Wanderers Hawks 7-4 Cyclones.

We certainly had a game to remember but also forget mixed emotions

We certainly had a bad day defensively Korban,Callum,Morgan,Alex & John as a unit are very reliable they don’t usually have games like today but we can’t just blame them we defend as a team the midfield at times also let the defence down and they certainly have saved us plenty of times this year so a bad day occasionally can’t be blamed(but please not to often like this).

But our offensive play was great today all the boys participated In it our defenders played the ball out and made runs at times,we used the wings well and was having lots of chances which was great and to be honest we certainly had the better part of the game but wanderers were clinical on our mistakes and they made us pay for them which we see happen often in the premier league top teams do that.

After the game we were told by a wanderers coach we had 27 shots 18 on target to wanderers 16 shots 13 on target and remember they scored 7 and we probably gave them 5 of them today,on another day we could have won by a similar score line.

Special mentions today go to Callan,Bailey and john.

Callan’s ability has never been in doubt we know he has it but at times he doesn’t give us enough and as coaches we have been trying to get him to give us that extra bit and in the 2nd half today he succeeded in this and hope he sees the rewards of that with the brace today.

Bailey again for 70 minutes of today was fantastic he was involved in everything good we did he did everything right passing,moving and it was great to see,he just got frustrated in the last 10minutes after a tough decision not given his way.

John,today even though the defence had a bad day at the office for us was calm,controlled and showed some great movement with the ball we also heard his voice today and he certainly caused the wanderers attackers frustration at times.

We should be disappointed with the result and some mistakes but on the same side be pleased with some of our play which we as coaches certainly were.

We thank MK Wanderers Hawks for the game today and wish them well in league 1 hopefully we get to try our luck against you soon.

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