Mk Wanderers Hawks

Mk Wanderers Hawks 7 4 W & W FC Cyclones
3rd september 2014
Kents Hill Pavillion
Pre-season Friendly

Squad:Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Callum(C),Callan,Charlie,John,Korban(gk),Malik,Morgan and Sam.

Goals:Alex,John,Malik & Sam.

Cyclones toughest test so far in pre season against MK Wanderers Hawks who are in league 2 this season.

We started the game strong going 2-0 up John and Alex scoring and we looked good playing some good stuff and matching them in all areas.

Some of the boys started secondary school today so the stress of that and i guess early starts for them after 6 weeks off didn’t help some.(some more than others, i’m sure we know who i mean).

We then conceded 2 goals which can only be described as upsetting,(both goals were offside by a mile everyone that end could see it not just me)but we have to play to the decision and to be fair we did ride our luck and Wanderers did miss chances also but in all the first half was good from the boys.

Sadly we didn’t start the 2nd half as well and Wanderers exploited are errors we stopped defending from the front and we gave them time to pick out the passes and they took full advantage with 5 unanswered goals.

All the boys looked deflated  but we told them to keep playing our game,pick up the tempo,dont let them have time and when they did that we looked good again and caused them problems and we scored twice more from Sam and Malik.

In all was a good test for the boys and i’m sure the boys themselves know where we went wrong,and these games are in preperation for the season ahead,yes we lost but we are still trying new things gelling new players and played a side in the league above us and we did give them a good test also so we shouldn’t feel to bad.

We thank MK Wanderers for the game,wish them well for there season ahead and you never know we could play you again if play to our potential in  division 3.




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