Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Moretonville Juniors FC Tornadoes U10

Moretonville Juniors FC Tornadoes U10

Moretonville Tornadoes 0 0 WWFC Hurricanes
23rd Sept 2017 @TBC
University Playing Fields 1
League Game

We all made the long(ish) journey to play Moretonville Tornadoes. A familiar venue, but a new team.

1st HALF

Both teams began slowly, with few opportunities in the opening minutes. We had shuffled our positions around, to challenge players in different roles. Joseph impressed with some strong runs into midfield, always happy to commit the opposition and create space in behind. He almost got the opener, when intercepting a pass in their attacking 3rd, but just pulled his shot wide.

We didn’t have to wait long though, as Jacks shot/cross caught the keeper by surprise! Big praise to Isaac, who could’ve taken a tap in goal himself, but instead just shielded the ball until it crossed the line. 👏🏻

The team were talking a lot on the pitch, and it was showing in their play as we began to ask questions of the home team, just lacking the killer pass at times.

The Tornadoes responded with a few attacks of their own, but could only find the impressive Liam in goal. With some fine saves, and plaudits coming from both benches as well as the supporting millions.

We failed to take control of possession, and struggled to clear our area in the latter stages of the half. As we defended 3 or 4 corners, eventually the pressure told, and unluckily Daniel headed in his own net on the stroke of half time.


The team again were not disappointed with the half, but agreed that they should try to let the ball move more freely in the second half. Everyone knew their positions and were ready!

‘Play ’til the END’

2nd HALF

Into the second half, and again our opponents were creating some good chances. Jack, who’d stepped in goal was just as impressive as Liam in the first period.

Daniel recovered from his earlier set back, and showed a good combative presence in midfield as he looked to link defence and attack. Not his usual position, but always tried to go forward with a run or pass.

As the half drew on, we again took the lead, with some clever holdup play from Isaac, before placing the ball into the bottom corner.

Unfortunately, a bit like Groundhog Day, the team failed to remain composed towards the end, and soon conceded. As the energy seemed to be draining, our opponents grew in confidence. Instead of playing our way forward, we tried long clearances that just presented possession back to a team who sensed a goal would come, and sadly, but deservedly they got their reward.

A great game to consume, and again lots of positives. Especially from our players who gained a greater understanding from a different position and perspective.


COACHING NOTE – Remember there are different types of communication?
Verbal – Names & Commands (pass, through, 1-2, over the top, out wide…)
Visual – Eye contact, Signals (pointing to feet, chest, over shoulder…) & Body movements to create spaces.
Triggers – When a player does something that affects a teammate? E.g. Striker to PRESS from goal kick, how does the winger react? Where do they run to COVER?

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