Moretonville Rovers

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A game with wonderful moments and a day with so many questions:
*How do I escape this car park?
*How did he write on his own belly so neatly?
*Has an 8-yr old ever said anything funnier than “give him another Molly moment”?

The Whirlwinds played an excellent mixture of calm build-up passing, long-range shooting and stonewall defending. Highlights:

*Lewis – a look to the right and then no-look through ball down the middle to Jake. [look up ‘Lebron James no-look pass]
*Maxwell – pressed by an attacker, sweeping the ball to the right with the outside of his foot to then play a pass down the wing.
*Alexander – this boy had spinach for breakfast, muscling his way through two big defenders to make a shooting chance.
*Jack – from the right wing, a killer through-ball behind the defender to set up Alexander. Excellent playing for the team and an entertaining version of ‘Barbie Girl’ on the bench.
*Thomas – a magical dragback pass in midfield for Alexander to take the ball and run.
*Finley – under pressure from two attackers, pressed quickly, slowed down, sat on the toilet and then stole the ball.
*Noah – a late long-range shooting frenzy in Q4, smashing unstoppable shots into the roof of the net.
*Jake – chasing back from attack to slide and tackle – now that’s what you call ‘defending from the front’!

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