Mursley utd

Mursley utd 3 1 W & W FC Cyclones
16th May 2015

Squad. Aaron(c),Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Alfie

So today cyclones where again in league action against Mursley Utd who this season surprisingly for us not had the results because they are a good footballing side,but the last game we had against them was a very close so even with there results we were taking nothing for granted.

So we start to prepare warming the boys up when we get news that Mursley had only 8 players not great news as they had a player go down sick last minute and only had 9 to start with.

This meant we decided to play with 8 giving us 4 subs as we had our full squad,ok that sounds great we can rotate keep our boys fresh give them a breather but sometimes that can be a hinderance with lots of swapping and changing.

Game starts and straight away we could see what was going to be our problem losing that extra midfielder in the middle restricted how we played stopped us playing our game to be fair to Mursley it didn’t seem to effect there passing game.

Ok it’s was tough for us but both teams still showed some good passing and desire to go for the win we mathematically could still finish runners up if we win our 2 remaining games and it was Mursleys last game so they wanted to finish the league with a win.

There was lots of good football but also some crunching tackles guess that’s gonna happen more now the boys are getting bigger but we know our boys are not dirty and certainly never intently go to hurt another player,but it seemed to us we wasn’t getting the rub of the green lots of decisions where going against us,ok some rightly so but we was getting nothing it felt.

As coaches it’s frustrating sometimes but we also understand that even if we don’t like it that’s football but the boys have to learn to just continue playing and forget the decision and continue playing football even if they don’t agree with it something as we go up the ages we need to learn from,not easy I know.

The only goal in the first half went to Mursley the striker seemed to walk through the middle and past our defence,good work from him but we was disappointed that nobody really put a challenge in,just sticking a leg out isn’t enough we should make the tackle a lot stronger and with more conviction,if then he goes through them we have to say well done to him.

We still continued to attack also and to be fair had a few good chances and possibly,well I’d say should have got a penalty Malik went past three Mursley players and his legs were clipped and Malik went flying but we didn’t get it our parents were not to pleased either I’ve never seen our parents so vocal about decisions not going are way and that decision was probably the biggest one!

So half time we go in 1-0 down

We just tell the boys to keep digging in,try to play are football but they are frustrated that they are not getting the rub of the green but we tell them tough we have to forget it and they also struggle to understand why we can’t play with 9,I know that’s not very sporting but maybe it’s just because they themselves could see we wasn’t playing are game.

We changed are formation to see if that could help us play more are style.

So the second half started and again it was very much the same as the second half both teams trying to play football but very soon into it Mursley grabbed a 2nd goal and through ball went past our defence and Unfortunately for us we didn’t deal with it.

We have conceded several goals this year where neither the defender or goalkeeper makes the call and decision and we get punished.

This time we could here Korban telling Morgan to get rid of it but Morgan couldn’t hear him I was later told by him which in a game sometimes happens but we have also told the defence if you here nothing you need to deal with the ball get it away which sadly we didn’t do and the striker pounced on our poor decision making.

It was disappointing yes and I’m certainly not saying Morgan was only at fault because he’s saved many a goal scoring opportunity this season we defend from the front and together, but goals like this cost us and certainly found in the higher league this year that it usually results in goals so we must continue to work on this in training.

The boys heads dropped and the game got more intense but credit to both sets of boys they continued just playing football and we continued to try and get a goal which we Did from Alfie,a bit of a scrappy goal after some good pressure in the Mursley area but who cares we got back into the game.

The time was ticking we needed a goal and we started to push players forward a little,taking a few risks but why not nothing to loose the boys were trying to do everything but then sadly Mursley broke and got a third goal and that was it we tried but fell short.

Final score Mursley Utd 3-1 cyclones.

Disappointment and frustration from the boys understandable especially with a few decisions and dropping to 8v8 but we explained that they just adapted better to it than us which probably a more fair explanation to it which probably the difference in the game today.

All the boys did there bit today and tried there best which is great but for us Callan & Malik deserve a mention.

Callan is sometimes the most frustrating player for us his ability isn’t questioned but he doesn’t try hard enough which he is aware of and recently he started to show us more at times and today especially he did really well he defended well and looked for the the pass and more importantly put a shift in which is what we need to see him do on a more regular basis so keep it up Callan.

Malik again was also fantastic his wizardry and ability at times is amazing he always has the defender guessing and sometimes us coaches,but a few months back we asked him to show us strength and help a bit more defensively and I have to say he has taken it on board and certainly done it.

With playing 8v8 today we needed him to do it even more than possibly with 9v9 but we didn’t have to do it he just did it supporting the defence and turning it into attack and for a little lad he has some strength which helps him with his defensive work and also when attacking the opposition,which is all a credit to himself taking on board our constructive criticism.

In all a disappointing result but not the end of he world as we did give a good account of ourselves but struggled to play our usual style down to having only 8 not and excuse just that’s the way it goes sometimes.

We thank Mursley Utd for another good game and will see them again next season I’m sure.

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