Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Newport pagnell town

Newport pagnell town

W & W FC Cyclones 1 2 Newport Pagnell Town
7th march 2015
home-crawley road

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey(c),Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

So today the waiting was over today the boys started there next challenge in division 2 against Newport Pagnell Town a team who ironically played in our first game in division 3 last season.

After a very disappointing performance last week today before the game we emphasised to the boys that teams in this league would punish any little mistakes and we need to perform at 100% we couldn’t put in any performance lower than that.

So the game starts and thankfully the boys seemed to start with desire and hunger that we hoped for and trying to play our football.

The sun was out spring was here but winter just had to pop up with a little bit of wind which made it interesting when the ball was in the air and with Newport playing down hill with a slight wind advantage in the first half.

Cyclones managed to get the first goal from a corner.Callan had previously took a corner and with the wind the ball almost reached the far side for a throw,but this time he chipped it in very nicely and then Morgan managed to stick his leg out and the ball hit the top of his thigh looping over the keeper and defenders on the line.

The goal was certainly something we deserved even though it wasn’t the prettiest of goals.

We continued to cause newport problems Aaron was being a menace up front for the Newport defenders Callum,Morgan & Alex were controlling the defence looking much more of a unit and the midfield was working hard Sam and Malik down the wing were causing them trouble also.

But sadly the lead only lasted 15 minutes when Newport equalised the boys just didn’t clear a ball out convincingly and the Newport player chipped it over Korban who just couldn’t keep it out.

Hard luck for us because we didn’t deserve that but we as coaches know that teams in this division will punish the slightest mistake.

So half time both teams go into half time all square at 1-1.

So half time all we said to the boys was continue with this performance we were causing them problems and limiting them but again just told the boys keep the effort up.

Thankfully the boys listened and to there credit they continued as we played the first half we certainly had more Possession and more of the play just no real chances,Newport changed there striker who caused more problems for the boys at the back but we continued to not give them much sights on goal.

It certainly seemed that the game was destined to finish all square but then on 52 minutes the incident which would cause us such disappointment.

We give a silly free kick away dead centre of the goal and we could see what was going to happen the Newport town player was going for goal we tried to protect the goal as best as we could but sadly the player chipped it in and Korban sadly was unable to stop it going in,the disappointment was all over every boys face but we still had 8 minutes left and still had time.

The boys continued to try we went for it and was attacking trying to get the goal back in the final minutes,we got a free kick hopefully we could get the same result that Newport got with there free kick,but sadly no such luck for some reason we tried playing the ball into the goal rather than just having a go,to Be fair to Callan he himself said he regretted it as soon as he did it and after the game he said he was to scared to have a go.

We certainly don’t want him to feel like that but wished he believed in himself because we did,that’s why we told him to take it.

So that was it the game finished cyclones sadly losing 1-2 the exact result when we played them in the first league 3 game but this time we gave a much better performance and a performance we as coaches was proud and very pleased we certainly gave a good account of ourselves.

Today we could mention so many good performances all over the pitch Aaron was a real nuisance up front,Bailey again controlled the middle of the park and his engine certainly kept the teams momentum going through the whole game,but today Alex,Callum and Morgan deserve the most praise.

The last few week we have had some silly errors at the back but today we looked a more complete defensive unit.

Alex again was placed at the back,we know it’s not his favourite position but with john sadly struggling with a slight injury we thankfully have Alex to call upon.His composure and reading of the game makes him a perfect defender when we need him to do the defensive job for the team.

Callum again was consistent he is usually a player we can rely on to give us a 7 out of 10 every week and today he did possibly more than that plus he also is starting to believe in himself and taking chances pushing forward rather than just kicking it the ball clear.

But today Morgan was back to the centre back we know he can be.

The last few weeks Morgan Unfortunately has made some unusual mistakes which isn’t like him but today he was back to his best,winning headers making solid challenges,Newport’s centre forward in first half I don’t think won anything from his battle in the middle with him and he got the goal to finish off his good performance although it was off the top of his thigh but I’d take it.

In all,was a good team performance but not the result we deserved the Newport manager even complemented our performances saying we deserved possibly the 3 points,but sadly not today but we move on to next weeks league game with some confidence that we know we can perform in league 2.

We thank Newport Pagnell Town for a great game today played the right way in a good friendly spirit and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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