Newport Pagnell Town

Newport Pagnell town 2 4 W & W FC Cyclones
6th December 2014
newport pagnell

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum(c),Callan,Charlie,Korban,Morgan & Sam.

Goals.Alfie,Aaron & Morgan 2

Cyclones today play a friendly against Newport Pagnell Town who are in league 2 so a another strong challenge for the boys,not helped with John and Malik missing from the team today so 1 sub,but could be a blessing with the temperature being low this morning no chance of the subs getting cold lots of changes.

Before the game both teams showed there respect for the FAs football remembers campaign remembering which was respected by both teams which was great to see.

So the game starts and its fairly balanced both teams going for it playing attacking football but to be honest our boys just didn’t do what we come to expect from them when we don’t have the ball we didn’t close down and our positioning and first touch wasn’t great and before we new it we were a goal down Newport opened us up straight through the middle of our midfield and defence to much space between us.

Then to make it worse within a minute we had conceded a second again poor positioning from our boys playing them onside and given them time and space.

We were certainly worried on the side line as coaches we didn’t deserve to be 2 goals down but the teams we play the higher up the leagues we go finish chances and punish mistakes and we know we need to start converting ours and we did have some in the first half newports keeper was certainly not going to let us score easily with some great saves in the game.

So half time the score was Newport Pagnell town 2-0 cyclones.

Half time we asked the boys what was wrong with the first half’s performance what was we not doing and to be honest they answered us correctly they all knew what they hadn’t done and needed to do so we just emphasised that.

And the second half they certainly did it we played as a team some of the passing was very pleasing and we then got a goal Aaron who was causing newport problems certainly with his strength got the ball again from some good team work and hit the ball hard and low and the outstretched keeper just couldn’t get across the goal enough.

That seemed to put the belief into the boys and we started attacking Newport and when they got the ball we seemed to get there first and if we missed it would win the second tackle.

We then got a corner and Callan sent a lovely lofted ball it to the box and finally Morgan the only player in the team who hadn’t scored this season jumped above the Newport defence and keeper to header it into the net.

Great for Morgan he was starting to get frustrated that he hadn’t scored as yet and to be honest he hasn’t really got a sniff from a corner this year which considering his height and presence in the box and how many chances he had created himself last season it’s something we have missed so far this year.

2 then became 3 Alfie finishing after some good build up play done the wing from Sam.
We then got a 4th Morgan again from a corner with another header hopefully he’s back to causing a threat in the box at every corner.

So that’s how it finished newport pagnell town 2-4 cyclones and a good win for our boys considering the bad start but we certainly don’t want to go 2 goals down first.

Today we give a special mention today to the 3 A’s Alex,Alfie and Aaron.

Alex today spent most of the day at the back due to johns absence.

We know he can play there but today due to the absence of john we needed somebody to play in that position and although he wants to play upfront or in the midfield as a team player he understood why we needed him in the defence and he certainly didn’t let us down but never does his team play has been a great addition this year.

Alfie today also showed us what ability he has,his vision and composure on the ball today was excellent if we used Opta stats his passing success rate would be very good today.

We even got some physical tackling from him which we don’t always see in a ogame although in training he always likes a tackle,something we do hope continues.

And finally but certainly Aaron,before the game started I mention that Newport’s pitch would suit Aaron a big pitch with space to move into and we all know about his strength he always up for a physical tussle and he certainly gave them that today he was what you call a typical english centre forward very shearer like or for Aaron maybe Costa like.

The newport coach certainly felt he was our best player today and told me so we we took him off just before the final whistle.

Today was a good result for us today ok it’s a friendly but our performances over recent week are starting to show how we have developed over the last few weeks having Sam,Alex and Callan join us this year we knew had made us a stronger side but now we are starting to all understand each other and are gelling more as a side and the team ethic is something they should be proud of.

We thank newport for a tough game today and wish them well for the rest of the season and look forward to another game in the new year.

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