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Newport pagnell yth 2 3 W & W FC Cyclones
20th may 2015

Squad. Aaron,Bailey,Callum,Callan(c),Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan,Sam,Billy & Owen.

Goals. Aaron 2,Billy.

Another 11 aside run out but Unfortunately not our full team (Alex & Alfie went to watch arsenal)so we managed to borrow Billy from tornadoes and Callum’s school friend Owen to help us out short notice.

This was our 4th 11v11 and we tried another formation hopefully this could be more suited to us.

Today’s opponents we know well it contained 3 ex cyclones and some of our boys friends,so it was a game of school bragging rights also(we all know what that’s like).

We just wanted to look more like a 11 aside team as we had struggled in the other games we had played against teams we had beaten easily in 9v9 games and to bed honest Newport have been tough games we hadn’t beaten them before losing 1 and drawing the other so hopefully today was the day.

So the game started and straight away Newport were on the front foot attacking us we were second to most balls and they were very quickly into their game and Newport were a goal up soon after some quick play down their right a good cross and Newport had several players back post to put the ball away.

Not a good start!

But we dug in for a bit moved a few players around and then seemed to find a little bit of rhythm going forward and had a few chances ourselves and finally finished one with Aaron scoring.

The game then was finally balanced both teams starting to play some good football trying to break down each other and it was cyclones who managed to score first,Aaron scoring again he certainly is trying to catch Sam in our goal scoring table for this year and he is getting closer.

That’s how it finished at half time 1–2 cyclones.

It’s was a good 1st half the boys done well with 2 boys who hadn’t played this year for us we was happy,we just wanted to calm down a little and try to continue with playing our game.

So the second half continued very much like the first.

Newport got a equaliser a long ball over the top and Morgan’s header wasn’t his usual massive clearance it hit the back of his head and went towards the goal and sadly over korban who wasn’t helped by the lowering evening sun and a Newport player chased the ball down to tap it in.Not the greatest goal to concede but it happens nobody to blame just sometimes those things happen.

So it was all even and both teams were trying to get that next goal and it was great to see both teams trying to win it and we were lucky enough to get it Billy putting the ball into the net finishing of his good performance for us(do think he prefers us to the tornadoes he told me there coach isn’t all that,although think that’s harsh on his old man;-).

The game still had chances for both teams,we started to panic a little started kicking the ball clear rather than playing football but I guess sometimes that’s all you need to do to get a result and that’s what we got.

In all a very good game from both teams played in a very good spirit which was nice.

Cyclones performance was ok probably our best 11 aside game so far but still need a few more games needed in preparation for next season.

Thanks to Billy and Owen for helping us out short notice very much appreciated and both contributed to this result.

But today we had some good performances and perhaps Malik and Bailey for us deserve extra praise.

Malik again was great in supporting the defence when needed but was more of a attacker today using lots of his ability to open up the Newport back line which he done many times today.

And finally Bailey who today just got on with his game never let anything bother him,wind him up just played football,which is great as this is when we get the best of Bailey hopefully he understands why we want him likes this all the time.

Thank you to Newport Pagnell Youth Spartans for today’s game I’m sure we will meet each other again next season.

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