Sharnbrook FC

Lionesses Blues 1 5 Sharnbrook FC
20th August 2017 at 2pm
Aspley Guise Common

Another challenging friendly in a double header at the Guise today. A 14 player squad took to the Common to Try and give SHARNBROOK women’s FC a run for their money.

Well done to the Lionesses for giving a good account of ourselves amid some very experienced Ladies. 1-5 was a positive for the young Lionesses who were 4 down in the first half trying to find there feet and  play some football under great pressure and no time on the ball. Credit goes to : LEANNE, BRITNEY, JADE, SCARLETT, ALICE, VICKY, NIKITA, AMY, ABBIE, CASEY, GEORGIE, MILLIE, MADISON, CHLOE.

1st half – was not our finest, but give them credit their tactics were spot on! But I will not go on about that. Learning curve!

2nd half – we found our way and best formation to Penatrate their defences who I must say were very tight at the best of times. Amy found the back of the net in the end with a well deserved goal which was helped with some great build up play from Chloe, Casey, Madison, Abbie, Jade. ( between you and me – I think we won the second half!!)

To sum up – when we pass it using quick one two’s we look very good . When we just kick it without thinking, we just end up giving them the ball back.  We learnt a few things today , which is why we only play top teams in friendlies! So heads up high girls as along way to go yet!! Some nice footy and new players finding their feet!

Remember it’s not the score that counts in friendlies, it’s the way you try and go about your football!


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