Shefford Town

Houghton Athletic FC 3 0 Lionesses Ladies Blues
23rd October 2016 at 1.30pm
Open League Cup


LEAGUE CUP – 3-0 . Good conditions with cross wind. Nice big pitch.
Attendance 34.


An early kick off , but with a late ref it did not start until 1.45pm. ( did not help Coach Pat as he had a 5pm plane to catch.) thanks ref!

With the bear 11 travelling Lionesses, it was always going to be a difficult encounter. Houghton being a very strong established & accomplished Div. 1 team!

But what did the Lionesses have to loose? First Ladies Cup game! No subs due to work and family commitments, but no excuses, it was time for a real tough game of Ladies football.

Woburn we’re going to give it all they had and try and enjoy it !
Instructions were given to take the game to them and we did, right from the start The Lionesses looked to play football on the front foot & the deck!

Houghton had a very robust looking defence, all of the back four were not taking any prisoners! So our final ball or shot was having to be very good, and they limited us to very few shooting chances. The keeper looked about 6’4 in height & hard to beat.
It was 20 minutes before the home team got there passing going and a long ball over the top for the very fast cf to finish off, with a very well taken goal.

Woburn kept probing and trying to pressure every Houghton player, LIZZIE, AMY LAUREN , MADISON all working there socks off in the middle. Our defence was getting tested to the max! But credit to CARRIE, JADE, BRITNEY & ALICE for working harder than ever before to keep there experienced forwards at bay. GEORGIE was working so hard to hold the ball up turn and get a shot off!

Half time 1-0 down , good half for the Lionesses not really what the Houghton script writers had predicted . But what the Lionesses deserved!! It felt good to be still in the game after 45 mins.

Second half we went for it again like a dog after a bone!! Ever ww-FC player working like their life depended on it. Some great banter out on the pitch and from the line to the pitch got the players fired up. ( Pat apologises for his Fishing rod joke! Hook, line and sinker, Pat can explain.)
There was a lot of fine passing and one touch play from both sides.
But then UP pops AMY hits the bar, then gets a shot stopped on the line with what looked like a hand/arm made the away supporters scream out ‘handball’ but ref not interested.
10 mins into the second half and it Looked like they were rocking like a boxer on the ropes, but we just could not get the ball in the net.
With nothing to loose the instructions came to push up and as they say in football if you are going to loose 1-0 ‘you may as well loose 3 – 0 , so we did!! Shame we had no fresh legs as we normally do, but we are not making any excuses in this one off game with lots of talented ladies on show. Rachel, Emily, Amy R, Rosie would have enjoyed this one!

With all our efforts and no luck, we got hit on the counter attack by a very good strike force who could pounce & punish any little error, and with the Lionesses getting tired and no fresh legs on this occasion we had to admit defeat.
But it felt good to give them a run for there money & if they go on to win the Cup , then good on them, Proud Coaches with great admiration to all our 11 heroes today!
( After X-ray damage found to be Ligament & soft tissue damage, bandaged and now on crutches, we hope for a speedy return.)
POM – AMY GIBBONS voted player of the match today! All deserving but remember ‘ it may not have been our day today but mark my words it will be!!
Love the passion and commitment in this fledgling team.
Performances like today will take us a long way.

Special Thanks to Neil Stewart for doing the line. ( again) hope to have a new recruit to help soon.
Ross & Alan for Coaching.
Steve for his managing and organising.
Parents and supporters for being there.


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