Shenley Buzzards 0 4 Lions Hurricanes U12
18th October 2014
Shenley FC - Long Meadow School, Garthwaite Crescent, Shenley Brook End, MK5 7XX

Another win for the boy’s that puts them 2nd in the table with 3 games to go.

It was a hard fought win made difficult, if I’m going to be critical, by the boys not using the space down the wings. Something that we keep training on and talking about. For most of the game we kept playing down the centre and kept coming up against the No11 who had great technique and managed to get the ball into the danger area around our penalty box, he also had a few shots which had they been on target would have gotten them into the game.

The first goal came in a free flowing first half, possession was probably in our favour slightly and a free kick awarded was calmly slotted home by Peter. 0-1 The first half continued with a few breaks from us but with a lot of pressure being soaked up by the back 3 and the GK. Hugo, Matei and Patrick were solid and very strong.

Second half and again we soaked up pressure, winning the ball and giving it straight back. The oppositions change of formation meant that they were able to break free and give themselves  a great opportunity…. one on one with the keeper…. At this point, I’m thinking if this goes in were in trouble but from Hero to Superhero, Hugo runs his absolute heart out to make the tackle of the season so far, just as the opposition player is about to pull the trigger, whoooooosh Super Hug’s times his tackle to perfection and takes the ball away from him. In my view the turning point of the game.

After that we start playing some good football, we start using the wings, we start winning corners and we start getting some goals. Big shout out to Seth and Toby who we put on to the No11 in the second half and they did a fantastic job in keeping him very quiet.

Everybody seemed to settle down and some great passing from Dario, Charlie, Ben, Josh and Tom saw the next three goals come quickly. Peter managed to get another 0-2.

Ben got a couple including a super solo effort from a throw in that resulted in a snaky run through 2 or 3 players for the ball to be crashed home… 0-4

It was a terrific game to watch and I’m pleased that they won. We were the better team, we just didn’t need to make it that difficult for 40 minutes!!

Well done to all and thank you for your continued support,

Player of the week – Seth.